About Us

We Offer Countless Operations on Files on Any Device

Over 16 years working in IT services developing cloud services and applications for clients all over the world.

Our mission is to offer file format apps to end users with a simple interface for easy usage. Apps will always remain free for light use.

We provide a huge collection of file format apps for viewing, editing, conversion, comparison, parsing, compressing, merging, splitting, watermarking, signing, annotating, searching, protecting and unlocking Microsoft Word documents, Excel spreadsheets, PowerPoint presentations, Outlook emails and archives, Visio diagrams, Project files, OneNote documents and Adobe Acrobat PDF documents.

We also offer apps for working with HTML, OCR, OMR, barcode generation and recognition, 2D & 3D imaging, GIS, ZIP, CAD, XPS, EPS, PS, SVG, TeX, PUB, Photoshop (PSD & PSB), finance (XBRL, iXBRL) and font (TTF) files.

We also provide cloud API's for almost all file operations.

Employees of these companies use our service

Google Facebook Microsoft PepsiCo Tesla Amazon Gap Inc. Walmart L'Oréal Harvard University The New York Times FedEx Nestlé Discovery